I Probably Will Again

Yes I look like a flower but understand that the only way I’ve become this beautiful I had to survive many storms. My scars tell my story and mold me to the person God made me for you. Thank you for loving all of me.

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Ashlie Cofield
Midnight Blue

“I done put so many diamond chains on you, they get tangled up
I never felt like this, this is strange as fuck
Got yo ex nigga calling, but he can't do much
'Cause you with the kid now
Ella Mai, boo'd up
And all you gotta do is call and watch that Wraith pull up
Under the stars, since they throwin' all that shade on us, facts”

- Meek Mills

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Dive In

MONTHLY- Rent All Inclusive: $950; Car Note: $Paid Off; Cell Phone: $65; Insurance: $180 Student Loans: $150; Groceries: $150; Gas: $150; Necessities: $75; Target Runs: ???; I do my own hair (thank GOD); Credit Card: $110. . . Waking Up Next To Him: PRICELESS

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Pull Up

Every Girl Can’t Wait For The Day That She Is Swept Off Her Feet By Her Equal. Well In This Case Hopping In The Car Of The City’s “Bad Boy That May Turn Good”, I Mean He Just Can’t Get Enough Of Her. Through Their Emotional Winding Road He Teaches Her Everything She Needs To Know While She Caresses His Ego With Her Right Hand Of Honor.

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